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  • PC-DMIS 4.0 update

    Earlier I spoke of a manual iterative alignment issue that caused me to stop further evaluation of PC-DMIS 4.0. Just an update to that comment. Apparently that problem was fixed in the BETA copy of PC-DMIS 4.0 so I downloaded it. The file is a zip file so I had to call BNS for the password. The A.E. I spoke with recommended to wait until BNS releases PC-DMIS 4.0 which I presume will be in the form of...PC-DMIS 4.0MR1. It was recommendeed to wait because of numerous bugs that are in 4.0. I have since removed the 4.0 version I had and discarded all the copies I had of PC-DMIS 4.0 and BETA.

    James Mannes

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    Thanks for the update. I still waiting for 20 or more success stories before I will try it.

    Windows 7
    Pc-Dmis 2015
    Global Performance 7-10-7


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      Thanks for the update, I'm waiting for better reviews also.


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        Interesting....4.0 had some major issues also...
        Jim Jewell


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          Originally posted by jjewell View Post
          Interesting....4.0 had some major issues also...
          Almost as many as 3.6.
          (remember THAT abortion?)
          Roses are red
          Violets are glorious
          Don't try to sneak up
          On Oscar Pistorius.


          3.7mr3, 2012mr1, 2013mr1


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            More proactive enhancements due to customer input?

            B&S CHAMELEON/PCDMIS CAD++ V2011

            There are no bugs, only "UNDOCUMENTED ENHANCEMENTS!"



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