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  • Creating analysis to report

    I can not get my report to duplicate my analysis window.
    Here is the situation.
    I have measured a series of points around a part.
    I then constructed and profiled 4 feature sets.
    At the analysis window I changed my view.
    At this point all three views had the same image.
    I left the top view the same.
    On the bottom left view I enlarged the left side of the profiles.
    On the bottom right view I enlarged the right side of the profiles.
    I then selected create analysis view command. So far so good.
    However, my report shows the same image in all three views.
    When I F9 my analysis window shows the views I want.
    Does anybody have a solution?
    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


    Analysis Window.jpg
    Report Window.jpg

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    The representation of the analysis window in reports isn't very good, I believe this is a known issue.

    I'd just do three single analysis views.
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      A set is a single point. Profile each point and the analysis all four.
      sigpic GDTPS - 0584


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        It would be better if people actually indicated what version they are posing the question in. V3.25 is very different than 2009.


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          Originally posted by SABarber View Post
          It would be better if people actually indicated what version they are posing the question in. V3.25 is very different than 2009.
          He did post what version. 2009mr1

          James Mannes


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            He did post what version. 2009mr1
            Ah yes. Did not see it with all the other text.


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