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    One week to run a prewritten program, 2 to 3 weeks to program, providing that he would be computer literate and understands GD&T. That is just enough time to give someone a good foundation. There is a guy at my last company that I trained. After 3 weeks of training, the company sent him to the PC DMIS class and he knew everything that was covered in the class and more.



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      I tried to train this lady for over 7 months to run a simple prewritten program, she could not catch on. I made a comment to her , and they wrote me up, because she was a union employee. After they wrote me up they said all she needs is a little more training. I wonder what they mean by a little more training? Not everybody is cutout to run a cmm.

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        Wow. 3 weeks, he must have been exceptional. I've been training a guy now for the better part of six months and he still can't seem to get it.

        I've trained others before and they didn't seem to have a problem, they got it right away, so I know it's not me. This guy just can't grasp it.

        Just have to be patient and hope someday the lightbulb will flicker on....


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          Depends on the person. Are they willing to learn? Do they have a metrology back ground? I've found that trainees who have done it the old fashion way (sitting at the rock with the height gage, indicator, sine plate, etc.) tend to grasp it a little quicker, as long as they are computer literate.
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            ever stop to think and forget to start again?


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              When I've had to train people who weren't getting it, we ended up starting from the very beginning. I would go through each part of the job and ask them to expain it to me the best they could. They would tell me all they knew, and I would fill in the blank spots. Usually a week of this would build some confidence in them so they could go on their own. Kind of a role reversal.

              Sometimes the best way to train someone is to let them do the talking. They seem to work out some of their own questions as they're saying them, which really helps their confidence.
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                I give all my to be programmers the same training.
                6 months of surface plate lay out. Then we start cmm programming.
                They know the basic math & trig, blue print reading, all sorts of gages, and also how to varify their cmm results.
                Then we start to program.
                they have a better understanding of working planes from the experiance.
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                  i always tell em: "this ain't no trade school"!
                  Southern Man don't need him around anyhow!


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                    10 years and I am still learning
                    so am I still in training?
                    DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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                      20+ years and still learning. Thats why I visit this site (A vast pool of knowledge or something like that) almost every day to learn new things and what others are doing.
                      I to have trained people tha you show them once and they got it and can build on that. Then there are others that don't have a clue and never will.

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                        One week, You can tell in a week. Its a brain thing, either you see it or you see in them or you don't, You should be able to tell if you someone will have what it takes
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                          I started on the CMM about a year and a half ago. Got 2 weeks training from the guy before me and was on my own. I came from a machine shop background, 20 years journeyman tool and die maker, so I caught on to the basics pretty easy. I'm still learning everyday. I've found that its pretty hard to even explain a layout to a person if they don't understand XYZ and why the dimension can change when leveled to a slightly different plane. Maybe that is what gets people confused in the beginning.
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                            I've been at this for about as long as BSchwark and still learn (new job and new software).

                            I've trained several button pushers on GeoMeasure 6000 and one woman caught on within the first day or two. I had another woman that worked on the CMM for almost a year and I could not get rid of her if my life had depended on it and she did nothing but crash the CMM almost on a daily basis from not setting the parts up correctly. Most of my programs all had written instructions with pictures and the only way you could screw it up was to not read them or follow the instructions.

                            I've never had to train someone to program from scratch and I really do not believe I would have the patience for that.
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                              training him for 6-months--gun shy of making a wrong dimension check.
                              gun shy of not getting the right data for reverse engineering.But he's the cad man.
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