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  • more nagging problems

    hello everyone,

    PC-DmIS 4.0

    When I construct a feature, the Graphics edit window shows the part about the size of a postage stamp and I have to go click on the fit part to screen button everytime.
    And yes the Automatic fit to size button is on in setup or preferences..

    How can I add probes to the probe list.. I have a few Renishaw probes that are not on my drop down list.

    Thanks everyone!!

    Have a great friday!

    Think Snow!


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    Back when I was on 3.5, and needed to add a tip that wasn't in the drop down, I had to call tech support.
    They were really good though about getting it added, and sending me the file I needed right away.
    I am pretty sure that any new probes need to be added by B&S to a specific tool.dat file or something similar to that.
    If you don't have an sma, maybe someone here can help you out. What type of tip is it?


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      hold on, I think I remember a post in here about that


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        See if this helps with the probe question.



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          Thanks much!!!

          Think I'll give B&S a call...


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            You do not need tech support for this unless you are building some kind of crazy dog leg or something. I have done it several times.

            Say you need a 1x30 but you only have a 1x10 and a 1x20: open the probe.dat file and find the existing probe that is closest to the one you need. Copy it and paste into notepad or word or any text editor. Change what you need to, in this case change 20 to 30. You will need to do this for the description and the name. Then copy and past back into the probe file. Now it will be in your drop down.

            The file Kevin provided is good information. I know it looks kind of intimidating, but if all you need is something slightly different from what you already have, you don't need all that information. It can help you understand what all the information in the probe description is, and allow you to build more complex probes later on, so you may want to save a copy of it.
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