Some Pt vectors are wrong in Box selecting

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  • Some Pt vectors are wrong in Box selecting

    When box selecting multiple points that lie on different surfaces with auto Feature Point, some vectors are wrong. How does one correct the few vector arrows that are wrong before generating the features???

    Any direction is much appreciated

    Gary Fitzgerald
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    By box selecting, I take it you mean from CAD model. I do not know why the vectors are off, but you could go ahead and generate the features and then correct the vectors that need it individually. HTH
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      I have seen this before. The problem I ran into beofre had to do with the way the cad people made the points. They can make this with no vectors or some times they will post it with no vectors. Either way there is no telling what you will get when you box select it. Now, if you can get them to draw them as true DES points and then post them out with vectors you will have not problems at all. But, with your current situation I would create them and then fix the ones that need it. Now, when fixing them if you are not 100% sure of the vector then you might be better off to make them surface points and turn on the sample hits for the first run so it will pick up a good vector. If all of your points are of the same flat surface you could go in and preselect the cad surface as the default surface and then box select the points. This has worked for me before but I have not tried that trick in 3.7, I do know it worked in 3.5
      Good luck


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        Thanks Ray ~ Good Man
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