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  • Huh???

    Ok, i'm creating a manual alignment on a job, I've taken all the points how it should be done but when it goes to re-measure a point it keeps bringing up this error...

    TR_MINM2.Machine Parameter Larger That Permitted

    I managed to change the points slightly but it still keeps on bringing up that error everytime i try to origin the job!!

    I'm just wondering what's wrong and how do i sort it out before i go mad!!

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    Hi there,

    Do you have all your orientations right, Working in the right plane, probe in the right orientation. This caused me some trouble some time ago when I changed the last time to a new PCDMis release.

    Regards, HH


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      I get something similiar on our PMM. What usually happens (well it APPEARS to happen, its one of the world's great mysteries) is that the software loses its way in the measurement envelope.

      What I do is quicksave, shut it down, reboot and continue on. That seems to fix it. (I can't explain it, I'm hoping it will fix itself when I upgrade to
      3.7 mr3)

      Sorry I'm not more help, but that's all I got.


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        If you are using CAD dat, you may have the box checked for "find nominals during execution". If that is checked, you may be getting some funky actuals from a car coordinate CAD model?

        James Mannes


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