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    Doing patch scans without CAD (reverse engineering). Having lots and lots of problems, re: completes scan and does 'power exit' when calculating the points, doesn't recognize boundary points properly, gets lost near end of scan & cannot continue with manual points .

    We have current SMA (edit: In fact, I got V4.0 in the mail just after I posted this), but I don't want to go past V3.7MR3 at this point. It appears, on this forum at least, to be the most improved (fewer bugs) version.

    In your own specific experience will I improve my scanning by upgrading to a later version?
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    that is odd you are having issues with 3.5mr2. I use that V also and found the patch scan to work "ok". I never had a power exit, but I have seen it travel past the boundary points on several occasions and on multiple rows within the scan. I found that for some reason the scanspeed had some adverse affect when jacked up to a "manager friendly" speed. It would overshoot the boundary almost every time. I use a SP600 with 3.5mr2.

    Try looking into a similar topic regarding scanning....."control points"
    this seemed to help me on some occasions

    hope this helps
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      Thanks Mike

      I'm using TP200 and the part I'm scanning has some very steep slopes which requires me to use excessive prehit/retract. In a nutshell it is VERY SLOW! I wish I had a SP600 or later analog probe, at least I could scan / re-scan faster.

      I've used patch scans before on 'flatter' parts with no problems.
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