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  • Probe head alignment

    I have a tessastar-i probe head. I have a fine point ( metal ) pointer that I use. I disconenct the head cable so it wont move when I rotate the head, I align the probe head A90 B0 and move the 1mm tip to center of the fine point on the metal shaft. I lock out X axis and rotate the head to A90 B 180 and see if the tip is still centered to the point on the metal shaft. If it is not centered, I loosen the set screw and adjust the probe head accordingly and repeat these steps until the probe head is centered in both angles.

    My PROBLEM is that over a period of a few days or a week, I notice that the squareness of the head is off and I have to realign the head. I am getting frustated with the head not staying square. I tighten the set screw pretty tight, so I knwo that isn't an issue.

    Is there something I am not doing, or need to do, or is my head shaft getting worn out. The shaft looks ok where the set screw tightens on it. It doesn't appear to have accessive wear that might cause this.


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    Is it possible someone has crashed it on another shift?
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      Originally posted by dwade View Post
      Is it possible someone has crashed it on another shift?
      +1K most likely scenario - unless he's the only operator.

      I went thru this a few years ago with a junior (aka newbie) programmer. Told him crashes happen and to tell me if he had and there would be no issue except the WHY it crashed (ie poor programming or running untested programs at speed). He refused to comply and is now working at the local mall selling sports shoes.

      nuff said
      Originally posted by Ironhoe
      I got something under my sporran for you, take care of it and you got my vote.


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        nope, i am the only operator and it isnt' crashing


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