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  • Using CAD models!

    Hi all,

    I do not use CAD models to program off of. I've been through the training and have seen one other programmer use a CAD model once a long time ago.

    Someone explain to me the correct steps again on how to align the CAD. Most CAD models do not have the same axis alignments as the machine. Some don't use the CAD=PART. Can you include find nominals in this explanation? I need to play catch up
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    try this method in this old thread
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      I use CAD about 80% of the time, just because I need to offline program, but when you bring in your model, your first step is going to be changing the part/cmm settings to correlate with the cad coordinate system (only if you absolutely have to, if the length of the part relative to CAD axis will not accomodate the limits of your machine, etc.) if you don't need to, do an iterative alignment with the part and model. Then, you should be able to align using the part datums in relation to your preferred machine position. i.e. you want part datum a facing up, level to machine axis z plus. I am pretty certain that you have to place the part in a position that is somewhat relative to the CAD model visually to pull this off. I usually translate my own models in Mastercam to meet the machine axes so I only need to use program mode so the iterative has been a little while.

      As far as find nominals in auto features, this basically calculates the closest CAD point to where you have pierced your geometry and sets this to nominal, which should translate to your theo and vector hit values as well.

      I may be a bit foggy on some of this stuff so if anyone else has anything please feel free to correct me.


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        Good to be Back....

        Good morning...It's good to be back. Our entire company just moved everything across the street to our new building and we just today got all the CMMs up, calibrated , and running again. Back to business...I'd agree with Mike's easy to do method for CAD alignment and what I'll call "getting started right away." However, what I'd like to know in addition is "what sort of perks do you have with your software contract?" By that I mean to ask things like,
        "Do you have any addon licenses for softwares like Pro-E or Catia?" These are just in case you are given a model in a specific format and PCDMIS can't import it or make heads or tales of it without a conversion. Also, you'll find it's nice to get the model in a format that is both a soild but with wire edges. That way PCDMIS will atuomatically reconize features such as circles and edges. And if you have the basic package, there are a million ways to use other softwares for converting the file into a more pleasant form to deal with. As you run into specific problems, issues , or hangups give out a call, you know we'll all be here.....(sigh...we're always here...h*ll, where are my lottery tickets from last night?)

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