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    Using MR1 & MR2 on a Sheffield Discovery II.

    Always wondered about the /NORMAL in the MOVE code. I've seen CIRCULAR. What other not normal options do we have??

    Also tried using /MOVEALL and not sure but it doesn't work.
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    You can also create incremental and clearplane moves. I believe that would be the other options. Easiest way to find out is highlight it and use F8 to cycle through the available options.
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      The NORMAL in move mode is relative to the part coord system.

      MOVEALL is move + probe angle change. I've found the best method for doing this is to change to the probe angle I want, then move it to where you want to go, then insert a MOVEALL command. Make sure you delete the first probe change command before the program is executed. For offline, I will insert a probe change command after the MOVEALL so when I run simulated program it will show my probe at the proper orientations.

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        This will also toggle to RELEARN so you can teach a new move point, say to avoid a change in fixturing, when you run a program. It will prompt you to position the probe in the new location then when you say OKAY it inserts the new point into the program. It's somewhat handier than putting a pause in the program then moving the probe to the new location, getting coordinates from the readout window, then editing them in.
        Then again I guess that's for MOVE/POINT not the MOVE/ command.
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