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    Good morning all

    Pc-dmis 3.7mr2 has got the better of me today, I am having trouble going from edit window to graphics window. Under the view toolbar, both graphics and edit window have check marks, if I click on the edit icon I get an (eye) beside the word edit window, but it does not go to the edit window, if I re-clicked edit window icon it shows a check mark but still no edit window what the H-ell give!!!!! HELP

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    Have you reduced or tried to move the window? It sounds like both are maximized.



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      Add the windows layout toolbar at the top the select any of them, it will bring up the edit window. I always create my own preference and then save it so i can recall it if need be.
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        Clay Man, Try this, with the edit window open right click & you'll get a pulldown menu, turn the "docking view" option off, un-check it if it is checked. then do "CTRL - Tab" to minimize/maximize the edit window while pgming. I'm running 3.7 mr2 & there is all kinds of B.S. that pops up the more i Pgm/Run it.
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