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  • error map question

    Relatively new to PCDMIS and been bouncing around using v3.5, v3.7, v4. For accuracy check, ran same program (converted from v4) in each version (using gage rings) and noticed different readings in v4 and 3.7. I had problems in the past with error maps, etc. not being on or using old ones....

    The question is how do I know error map or whatever settings needed are being used correctly? and how do I fix? The difference isn't huge but enough where I don't think something is correct. Probably going to stick with v3.7 for a while but that is the one where the ring gage reads off by .0003.

    PCDMIS CAD++ PH10T TP20 B&S 7.7.5; checking program is very simple plane, id alignment done manually and then DCC so I doubt if it's anything with program.
    using V3.7MR3

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    Make sure probe settings are identical. I.e. touch speed, calibration touch speed. And that the part is not moved at all

    If a .0003" variation concerns you then I am guessing you have very tight tolerances to work with.
    I used to be high on life but I built up a tolerance.

    Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage
    PCDMIS CAD++ v2011mr2



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      When measuring the ring gage, the results were always within .0001 so that is why I'm concerned. We moved the machine and had it recalibrated so I'm thinking something isn't set right. I'm going to run the same program and make sure the speed, approach, etc. are set the same (which they usually are) and see how the gage measures in each.
      using V3.7MR3


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