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    I am running 3.7 and I installed 4.0 to try out. I called tech support and the guy I talked to said I can keep them sperate by setting the search paths different. I currently have my probes in a serperate folder called "Probes" (brilliant, huh). I copied the PRB files from that folder and put the copies in the new 4.0 folder. I changed the search path for 4.0 to the "current directory" and left the 3.7 to my 3.7 "probes" folder. This doesn't seem to work, I opened up 4.0 looked at it, then went back to 3.7 but it looked for the probes in the 4.0 folder.

    What or where did I go wrong?
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    You didn't, he did. The SEARCH PATH is set in the windoze registery for PCDMIS, not for a version. So, you have to change the path when you change versions.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Are you saying I have to change the path everytime I open one or the other up?

      Sorry if I sound like a dumba$$. I thought I had it.
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        IT is a pain

        doing the same running 37 mr2.
        and playing with 4.0.
        start software
        Must set the paths for Programs and Probes.
        (have a copy all in both versions) just in case.
        2014 SP5, DataPage + v5.0 #331
        [testing v2015.1]


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