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    Good morning All,

    Quick question,
    Has anyone experienced move points diappearing from a program?
    I recently had a program thats been proved out and has run many times,
    my partner had to insert 3 move points to get from one hole to another?

    Thanks in advance for your input,
    Jay Gus

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    No, that would be a new one on me. I would suspect operator "error". If you do not have, you should have backup "master" copies of proven programs. Copy and open fresh from the master and see if the move points are there or not. If they are, you pretty much know someone deleted them somehow or other. Various versions of Pc-Dmis have different flaws, but I have never heard of movepoints disappearing from a proven program. HTH
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      I use move pionts alot and have never had one disappear on me.
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        Move point do not disappear, they are deleted. I had a monkey who kept putting move points in programs that did not belong. Used to p!$$ me off to the max. His explenation was " I don't know what happened, it just went crazy". I would scroll thru the program and there they were. Finally had to lock them so he could not do anything but run them. My little rant for the morning. Sick of this crap.
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          I've never had them disappear, once they are there, but I have put them in and had them not show up or register for some reason. I've even had them not show and then when I save and get out of the program and come back in - there they are.
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            I also use them a lot. Never just went away without a delete
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              I feel your pain. I too have this happen with multiple versions of PCDMIS. Most commonly it happens in that a movepoint is not apparently inserted into the program when the command (ctrl + M) is given, then when you exit the program and open it back up the movepoint (or movepoints) appear. I can’t say I recall having a movepoint disappear entirely but next time you may want to close then reopen the program to see if it shows up because as I have found they are really there but not really there, I don’t know how to explain it. I believe you when you say you have issues as I believe from my experience that there are bugs with movepoints that have been there throughout versions and my best fix has been to exit the program and open it back up. Not a great answer but I’d bet a paycheck if you asked B&S/Wilcox for a better answer, they’d just tell you the problem does not exist.

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