Paid the SMA, get sent 4.0?

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  • Paid the SMA, get sent 4.0?

    We paid the SMA, got sent 4.0 in the mail and Tech Support says to not use it.
    Wait for 4.1. I asked for 3.7 mr3 and was told it wasn't sent out and to download it.

    What is the deal with that? I just want the latest........

    I'm soo confused!

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    Yep, that's the way they do it. Suprised by that? Go download 3.7mr3. It is worth it. Quicker than waiting for a cd in the mail too.

    Just remember before installing to back-up everything and to follow the advice about this given in other threads.


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      We have 3.7 MR2 on Cd from B&S but no MR3. Must be a new cost savings?

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        heck....we prepaid the SMA up thru October, 4.0 cd received here...but I was told not to use it
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          I was told by Customer Serv. that 3.7 MR3 did not exist (after 4.0 was released). Then I was told that no discs were made and it needed to be downloaded from the Wilcox site.


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            We just paid ours as well and also recieved 4.0. I think I'll take them trap shooting. We got a CD for each seat of PCDMIS we paid the SMA for - That could be a cost savings right there.


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              I didn't get a cd either. They told me I would too. Maybe they are waiting for the MR2 version till they burn it to cds


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                How am I supposed to convice the bean counters that we need spend all this money to upgrade, when B & S is telling customers not to use the upgrades?
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                  Originally posted by Andrew Gardner
                  How am I supposed to convice the bean counters that we need spend all this money to upgrade, when B & S is telling customers not to use the upgrades?
                  Very good point that has been made again and again. Let see 3.6 & 4.0 makes 2 *****MAJOR***** releases of the software in as many years that is so bad tech support suggests you don't use. Great work Wilcox!!!

                  As for skeet shooting, Matt Hodeman posted an excellent sugestion on the old board it follows:

                  put disc in microwave shiny side up. set on high for 30 seconds. 1 finger on start and one on stop. start, see lightning show for about 5-10 seconds. stop. lightning pattern is now etched on disc. repeat until you have enough to make a nice mobile for your office. (at your own risk of course)

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