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  • Scanning on cad model

    I got casting part to measure profile at on Edge of thickness about 5 mm. I tried to use open line scaning and the select the surfaces on the edge (Edge is a winding edge which inclued different surfaces because of curves). I select the starting point on begining of the first surface and direction point at end of the first suface and I add few more points to select atleast two points on each surface then generate the scan but it shows error "can't find part" and generate path does not go thru all the way. Can any one help me?


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    Perimeter scan.
    Select surface, set offset to distance you want hits to be from edge.
    scan 1 in PDF
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      Thanks. It works but I got problem with place of hit. Probe does not take hit where I want. My part has edge of about 5 mm thick with round radius on top and then flat surface parellel to level plane. If I select the flat surface it takes hit on top edge of round radius edge and If I select round edge surface it takes hit on bottom edge of round radius edge. I want hit below the round edge I mean on flat surfce on Y plane. I am using 3.7 pcdmis. I tried with using thickness box too. It does not work. Please explain me in detail. Thanks.
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        Select flat surface, calculate boundary, go to "Path Definition" tab hit Generate and see where the points are. Make sure that you unchek "Inner Bound" in "Execution" tab


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          Thanks. I tried with different off sets, different thckness too, different cad tollerence but once I click boundtry, orange dots does not move it shows at same place at every time ( at top of round radius at edge not at flat surface in Y plane.) May be I am doing something wrong. Thanks anyway.


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            I possible post cad image of surface you want to scan


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