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    Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,
    I am runing 3.7 , done iterative alignment for sheet metal part ( co extruded part).clamped in fixture .0.60 mm. total material thickness,
    tried to check with auto square slot feature two diferent square slots , 12.5mm x 9.00mm , & 40mmx22mm..
    any idea howmany hits i need to select on cad model , auto feature for square slot has no # for hits.
    I tried different #s of hits probe is not moving to the right location ,sometimes get message( probe tip is too large for the hole) in other time when hitting edge of the slot to select the hit the vectors of selected hits has opp direction.
    please, help me with the best way to check these slot locations,.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You should get prompts in the lower-left hand corner of the Pcdmis screen when you are selecting the points for features like this, but this is what you do and the order:

    Select 2 points on a long side, 1 point on a short side, 1 on the other long side, 1 on the last short side.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      As Matthew stated, follow the prompts.
      I always have 3 sample hits selected, as well as the "width meas" selected.

      If you are going to use slots as part of an itterative alignment, you should construct a "cast point" from the slot feature.

      Typically, slots, square or round do not make good features for an alignment.



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        auto square slot

        Mathew & Peter,
        Thank you very much , your reply helped me alot.

        A Disho


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