4.0 reporting RTF question.

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  • 4.0 reporting RTF question.

    When the report is saved as a RTF then viewed in word the document is sectioned off as seperate tables for each element.
    Example x=1.00 is one table
    then y=-5.00 is another seperate table.
    Can an anyone please explain this to me?

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    Try View/PrintLayout instead of View/Normal. See if it helps.


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      This is a known problem. To support the new template approach to reporting in 4.0, when printing to an RTF file each report element has to be positioned inside its own text box. These text boxes properly align themselves when you view the report by selecting View | Print Layout inside Word. In Print Layout view you can view the report as intended, but editing and scrolling through the report is somewhat more difficult due to the resources used to display all the text boxes.

      If you select View | Normal inside Word, you can make changes and scroll through the RTF document more quickly because it doesn't show the text boxes, but then you lose the alignment until you switch back to Print Layout view.
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