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    I have a datum assigned to a feature. When I TP to a feature and call out the primary and secondary datums and hit exit my secondary shows up red.

    Is there a reason why they show up red? I am assuming that it's because it's OOT.

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    I have never had any luck with using 2nd and 3rd datums when calculating position. The position never seems to come out right. I usually only dimension the TP of the feature and then do any bonus calculations manually. V. 3.7MR2... Seems that it may be a bug...



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      I have never had a datum OOT

      But if I understand you correctly it should show out. your primary datum is being zero out in two axis. The secondary is being zero'ed out in only one axis ( it is being rotated to) so the other axis is free, and what you are seeing is the distanced from each other from nominal. You get a tolerance for that dimension.
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        Here we go again. Check this out: read this whole thread

        That was a good thread that addresses exactly what you have going on.

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          I don't have the time to read the other thread, so maybe I'm way off base but...
          I believe you are correct, the datum would be red if it is out of tolerance (diametrically).
          Like many I used to have problems with TP also, but most of the problems went away when I started checking the deviation perpto centerline box.
          I use multiple datums with and without MMC.
          I had checked the numbers I was getting a while back and they were OK,
          I am using V3.7 MR-2.


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