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    Does anyone here use Pro/E? I've been having trouble setting up my cad=part, and I suspect that it's because of the orientation of my CAD model. Working with it just today, I ended up with z going off to my right when I set my alignment up the same as the part...the features lined up, but the image of the probe sure didn't! any ideas?


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    Are you doing an iterative alignment and then cad = part
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      I managed to fix the problem by creating a new coordinate system for the CAD model, then selecting that new system when I saved the part as a STEP file. Then the cad=part worked beautifully! I even went so far as to hide the original csys before I made the STEP file, but I don't think that is necessary.


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        Yeah, sometimes that's how you have to do it. For me it works better to align the part "offline" style then never use Cad=Part.


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