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  • Best Fit Alignment

    Wondering what process to use for a best fit alignment. Using UG CAD model to check some small parts that are finish cut before heat treat. Performed a manual alignment, then went around outside of part and took several points on each side, recall these points to Best Fit alignment with equal weights. Then perform T deviation hits in the same areas after the Best Fit alignment and it still shows a shift in the part.

    Using 3.5MR2 CAD++

    Any ideas?

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    Generally the only time I use BEST FIT alignments is after a manual alignment and a DCC alignment when a series of holes (5 or 10 etc. etc.) is called out to themselves (1 of the holes is 0,0 + a possible rotation to another of the holes in the group). I don't know if that points you in the right direction. If you want a best fit to the part itself that can be done either the way you have gone about it or utilizing the iterative alignment method.

    James Mannes


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      We ended up using an iterative alignment. Thanks for your help.


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