X axis custom chip rate error

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  • X axis custom chip rate error

    I have searched this forum for this error message and only found one thread that mentions this situation, with no follow-up report. I have clean the scales, and that didn't work. Called B&S service and they came on site and changed the encoder, and that didn't work. He swapped X and Y axis cables and still no luck. Service tech stated that we need a new controller $$,$$$.$$.!
    Has anyone experienced this same error and identified the actual cause of the error? Thanks

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    Yes. We had a Micro Excel PFX 4-5-4 that had this problem. They brought techs and engineers from all over the place over the course of 8 months. We were down all the time. B&S's answer was to find a tech in some other far reaching corner of the world while we were down for days so he could scratch his *** in my shop for a while. The machine was a lemon. The only fix ended up being to replace the controls, after 8 months of agony. I'll never let B&S in my shop again. Thank God we were under waranty you may be looking at over $10,000 if you are not (don't quote me). I think it was because we were under warantee that B&S dicked with it for so long before swaping controls (I wonder if you got our old one?). They did not want to do it but after 8 months of being down half the time I was ready to fire up a lawsuit. Tell us where you are and maybe some folks here know some people you can call that are reliable and will take care of you. Be it a service guy or a lawyer.
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      Great! This is a Excel 12-20-9 unit and the error is intermittent, but starting to be more frequent. Not under warranty, service agreement only. I guess a new controller is the only option ($20,000).


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        Ouch. Who are you talking to? I'll PM you the name of a guy that is very resourceful. Let us know where you are and we can drop names for you. I'd hate to see you drop 20,000 bills but if you have to you have to. Good to get a second opinion some times though.
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          The service guy was from B&S Wixom, Michigan. We are located Southgate, Michigan (Detroit area). Thanks for your help!


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            The custom chip rate error is from the belt slipping!!!! The servo lag is more than what is expected so the controller bombs out. Clean the pulleys, ways, and bearings with alcohol everyday for two weeks and slow down the machine it should go away!!!!



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