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    Out of curiousity, does anyone care to share the hardware that they find works best for the to run PC-DMIS. How much RAM? What video card? How fast is the processor?

    For reference, please indicate how you typically use PC-DMIS. Do you usually use large CAD files? If so, how big? Do you write programs with complex logic and branching? Do you make extensive use of hyper-reports?

    Finally, don't forget to identify which version of PC-DMIS you have. .


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    supplied by Hexagon when they upgraded my Starrett

    Dell Precision 380
    P4 3.00Ghz
    1G ram
    XP Pro SP2
    ATI FireGL V3100
    70+ G Maxtor HD
    PC-DMIS 3.7 MR2
    Logitech wireless mouse (no like cords)

    PC boots extremely fast!
    PC-DMIS is slow to load though

    mainly program when the parts hit my table
    not too complicated...still learning this stuff (whole lot different from Apogee)
    no hyper-reports yet
    we use Catia v5 DCT fairly often (love using cad files)
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    Demon vintages 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 2009


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      Dell Precision 340
      P4 1.8 GHz
      512 MB RAM
      NVIDIA Quadro4 550 XGL

      I have a lot of problems especially with large CAD files. When running a program with large CAD files if I send something to the printer, PC-DMIS will quit running. If I have several other applications open, things get real slow and I have to shut down to clear the memory. I have been promised an upgrade as soon as things slow down enough for me to load a new computer and get it set up. I will get at least 1 GB RAM and a smokin' graphics card to handle CAD graphics. I should probably get a new printer with more of a buffer too so I dont suck up my memory for printing.
      Jonathan S
      pcdmis 2009
      G&L CORDAX RS-150 DCC
      B&S global 15-30-10
      DEA Delta Slant 30-100-15


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        Another thing which Don could ask is "What OS are you running?". Or "If running XP is the computer set for 'Best Performance' or 'Let the OS decide the performance settings.' Just my 0.02 worth.


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          processor > 2.4mgz

          ram > 1gig (2gig recomended)

          vid card > GF5700 (get the card with the most ram on it)

          (> = greater than)


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            Dell 2.8 ghz
            3 gig ram
            nvidia quadro fx 1300 w/128 megs ram running dual monitors
            win xp
            v3.7 mr2 (going to mr3 next month)
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            2011 MR1 Cad ++


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              HP compac d530 sff supplied by brown &sharpe
              windows xp pro service pack 2
              pentiun 4 2.66 ghz
              1.5 gb of ram
              on board grafics ???
              using lots of hyper reports
              pc is fast but takes atleast 15 seconds initially for pcdmis to load.
              I dont use many cad models but we do have that i consider large and works just fine with them.
              Global Status 777 PC-DMIS 2014
              Windows 7
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                Mine's Black
                sigpicSummer Time. Gotta Love it!


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                  Originally posted by Paul Sarrach
                  Mine's Black

                  Mine's Black TOO! ! !

                  It's a DELL w/a nice BLACK 20" FLAT PANEL MONITOR !

                  Xcel 15-20-10 - PFXcel 7-6-5 - Merlin 11-11-7 - Romer Absolute 7525SI
                  PCDMIS 2012
                  Windows Office XP


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                    [System Summary]
                    OS Name Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
                    Version 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4 Build 2195
                    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
                    System Name PCDADMIN
                    System Manufacturer Compaq
                    System Model Presario 6028CL
                    System Type X86-based PC
                    Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~2192 Mhz
                    Total Physical Memory 785,840 KB
                    Available Physical Memory 571,316 KB
                    Total Virtual Memory 2,705,996 KB
                    Available Virtual Memory 2,292,484 KB
                    Page File Space 1,920,156 KB
                    64mg nVIDIA geforce graphics card (64 mg_bummer)
                    average .CAD file is 10-75 meg.
                    when running multiple parts need to reboot several times a day to restore memory.
                    ver 3.5mr2
                    Waiting to switch to new PC.
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                      PC-DMIS 3.7mr3

                      WIN XP
                      OPTIPLEX GX270
                      PENTIUM 4 2.4 GHz
                      2.0 G RAM
                      2 80 G HARD DRIVES
                      SONY DVD BURNER
                      SONY CD-RW
                      NVIDIA QUADRO FX4000 VIDEO CARD
                      set up w/dual monitors

                      James Mannes


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                        Nuff to say my watch has more computing power then my setup at work.


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                          Originally posted by Paul Sarrach
                          Mine's Black
                          and has all the wires cut on it.


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                            OMG that was funny Winston!
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