Poll Do you Square up your Fixture/Part to your machine?

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  • Poll Do you Square up your Fixture/Part to your machine?

    How often do you square up your Fixture/Part true to the Machine axis?

    100% of the time
    75% of the time
    50% of the time
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    Have to say never. I measure co-extruded Fuel Tanks and have to put their +Z to the CMM -Y otherwise I'd never get around them to measure all the features.

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      I try to get the workpiece as square to the machine as I can. I keep a fixture on the machine at all times that I indicate square before clamping. Everything else comes off of that. My jog box is the older model that doesn't have the options of moving square to the part or alignment.
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        try to get it reasonably square because your tip angles may not work out as originally intended if your part is skewed.

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          almost always

          I would say something like 95% of the time. If no effort is made to square the part to machine axis it is because it is a round part standing on end with no rotational features. Not many of those, but a few.
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            i use the 1/4-20 tapped holes in the rayco plate to get it close then let the computerized alignment take over. as far as indicating it in the "old fashioned way" w/in .0001. never. those days are long gone.
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              Just give the RAYCO plate the hairy eyeball and thumb alignment. That's close enough for the machine to do the rest.
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                I also use a RAYCO plate the majority of the time. I generally square it up to the threaded inserts in my plate, it's close enough to square so that my 90° probes are square to my workpiece.
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                  Squaring to the X-Y makes probing some features much easier.
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                    I am also on the rayco plate band waggon now. And i love it no more 2 faced tape and strap clamps.

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                      Probably 50-50. Like posted previously if there are tip angle changes...a must, we dont have rayco plate or similiar...Run the probe in the axis' to get it as close as I can.


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                        [QUOTE=Paul Sarrach]How often do you square up your Fixture/Part true to the Machine axis?

                        I use a Rayco system, and have a 90° corner bolted to the plate. I use it as much as possible to give myself the maximum shank clearance in features of depth. I still do mathematical alignments with measured features.


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                          98% of the time. Sometimes I'll purposely lay a part crooked to prove to a machinist that my alignment works.
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                            Most of our parts are round, but they do have holes in them. I usually eyeball the 1st hole to X plus position, but I don't spend too much time on it.
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                              Ta da..........

                              This what I use.http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/2074/tablejig9hh.jpg

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