Checking to see if there is a hole before measuring a circle

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  • Checking to see if there is a hole before measuring a circle

    Hi All

    Never did this but I am sure some of you have.
    I have noticed lately that some of the holes in a part are not there all the time, do to some changes in the die. I would like to prevent the machine from stopping when it shanks into the part.

    Thinking it has something to do with "on error" and things but can't recall.
    Maybe even "find hole"?

    thanks for any help...

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    Using AutoCircle, in the Advanced section, place a check beside FIND HOLE. This is what you are looking for.



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      No holes barred

      I've touched on this before but it's been a long time. You need to set the on error to engage when there is a bad touch. I cann't remember where to find it but do remember it was limited. You might want to stop and prompt the operator to see if the holes are there.
      James Temmen

      There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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        1-edit\prefereces\setup\check beside "Auto Continue Execution if Find Hole fails"
        2-Check beside "find hole"
        I hope it will help


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          First take a vector point where the hole is supposed to be and if it measures a point don't measure a hole, if it errors out because the hole is there set up and error condition to measure the hole.


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            Just insert a move point above the hole, reduce the movespeed to 2, insert a move point within the hole, insert a move point above the hole again , then measure the hole, then insert a label (skipped1), then reset the movespeed to normal. Now go back just before this routine and insert the ONERROR/~~~ command, telling it to GOTO/label 'skipped1'.

            When this executes if it makes the move into the hole without error it will execute normally. If it encounters an error (no hole there) it will jump to the 'skipped1' label and continue.

            See post by 'ehais', that may be a simpler way, I haven't tried it.
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