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  • tracefields and report headers

    I'm trying to create a header i can edit in word.
    4.3's headers turn to pics when saved as an rtf. file.
    so,I moved the text box for the report down and I am making a "fake header"
    which consists of a black box with tracefields destinations like
    Part name,partnumber ect.. arranged as perscribed by my manager with a cute company logo.My plan was to make a "template" program with these tracefields already in it with a report template to accept them. It worked for one program and then the tracefields stopped working on the second program.
    also,when i save the report as an rtf. the "header" gets cut off.
    I got all the sweet hook-ups. Know what I mean Vern.
    pc-dmis version 4.3

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    I've struggled with headers since day one, amigo. Now, Thanks to Jared, and this Forum? I actually have a header (much like, if not exactly like) as you describe....that not only prints, but it prints on all pages.
    I'm sure you have your reasons to want to edit the header in Word, DjQ, but IMHO?
    Doing it as the knowlegeable have suggested has accomplished much more for a clean header than going on my own could ever have done.
    My experience (in 4.x and up) is that the reports are pretty squirrely.
    In other words? I mess with the header in the given PC*Demon editor, and let you guys in the 'Word lab' report back on how it goes using that method.


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