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    I want to know if anyone has successfully implemented visual basic scripts and/or programs which use PCDMIS's object library. I have very little time to really play with this feature of PCDMIS and would love to get ideas and/or samples from people who have.

    My ultimate goal is to have a Visual Basic program GUI (Graphic User Interface) control and run my programs. This program will run multiple programs one after another without interruption.

    I know this is alot and I'm not asking for a handout but I would like to know if it's fairly easy to do. Right now I am having issues with a "object error" in my current Visual Basic program.

    Any ideas and tips?

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    If you haven't already seen these, there are some automation scripts housed in the Custom Script Repository of the Wilcox Site (open to registered users) and in the Automation Examples page (open to all).
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      Keep It Simple

      When trying to solve a problem such as yours, it is best to start simple. You might have designs on a VB program being able to run any one of your 50 parts, but start with a small program which runs any one of 5 parts. Again, even for those 5 part programs, instead of running 100% inspection on some huge part, start by making 5 programs which each easure a few features on the demo block.

      You might also have some grand scheme of identifying which programs to run, or by letting the operator pick the program from a dialog, but start by coding the part program name into the VB script. This elimiates a lot of the UI issues for now.

      This all serves two purposes. It breaks you problem down into managable portions, and it allows you to share it with us more easily so we can help you with it. If you can provide a managable program for us to work with, I would be glad to try to take a look at it to see what might be going wrong.


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