They're making me go to the Darkside...

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  • They're making me go to the Darkside...

    So, after years of my love hate relationship with our UHA and Chameleon, my employer just came in and told that in two weeks we're going to have a new Zeiss machine ...I feel like that kid in HOME ALONE..UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.. .So I hear I am going to have to learn Calypso software...Any of you guys/girls have experience with either Zeiss or Calypso????? What should I expect?-Thanks Rob

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    Its great stuff, I know of about 4 machines here in MN that are Zeiss frames running PCDMIS software, then they are great machines.


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      Ziess makes a good solid machine, I don't know about Calypso. It wouldn't hurt to learn the software, in the end once you get used to it, they all are about the same.

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        I've seen Calypso a couple of times at a tool shop we use. It has some features I wish I had on my version of PCDMIS.
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          I used Ziess Umess. Runs on a HP unex. It was a dog. Calypso a little best. Like all software each one has it good and bad point.
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            I program Calypso all the time and it is not too bad to use. You have to forget some of the things normal programming has taught over the years but once you learn it is pretty good software to use. Lots of thing I like about PC-DMIS and lots of things I like about Calypso. Progamming from CAD I think PC-DMIS has Calypso beat overall but it's kind of a toss up as to which is really better. I've got Calypso V4.2.06 and they tell me 4.4 and above is better yet.
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              What a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Trust me, CMM programming knowledge is not finite and every chance you get to expand it is well worth your time. Who knows, you might like it.
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                That true. I program Mitutoyo Geomeasure6000, mcosmos, geopak, LK-Dmis, and Ziess.
                A proud Vietnam Veteran. 1973-1974


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