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  • Catia V5 DCI

    I have not used Catia V5 DCI since last may,
    I used to know what rev PC D-MIS works with each rev of Catia V5
    Don't remember and can't find it on the Wilcox web site at the moment.
    Does anyone know the latest rev of Catia that works with
    PC D-MIS V4.3 MR-1?, V4.2 MR-3?, V3.7 MR-4?
    Can any version of PC D-MIS handle Catia V5 R19? what about V6?

    Looks as though per related threads
    Catia V5 R16 works with PC D-MIS V3.7 MR-4
    Catia V5 R17 works with PC D-MIS V4.2 or later and
    Catia V5 R18 works with PC D-MIS V4.3 or later.
    Catia V5 R19 works with no PC D-MIS version.
    Anyone can Verify this?
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    Yes, I think you have it right.
    The problem I have with this whole mess is that we invested in an offline seat with the Catia DCT module (not cheap) so that we could import our customer's native data and not need to deal with an iges or step translation.
    So we kept our SMA up to date so that we could continue getting the latest versions to be able to import the latest Catia releases. (We continue to use 3.7 and were only getting the latest version for the Catia updates.)
    But, PCD is always about 6 months behind the curve.
    So, we have developed a method of verifing the iges and step translations and don't worry about what Catia PCD is up to date with..... and we no longer bother with keeping the SMA up to date.....waste of money if we are not even going to use the latest and most screwedupest.

    End rant.
    Lately, it occurs to me
    What a long, strange trip it's been.

    2017 R1 (Offline programming)


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      looks like 4.3 mr1 supports up to V5R19.....
      4.3 mr1


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        How we handled the problem of the time lag, for Wilcox to catch up to the latest rev
        of Catia is we used the backward compatibility utility in Catia to convert the R18 model
        to a R16 model.
        We did not consider this a "translation", we considered it a "conversion" (from Catia to
        translated data needed to be verified, not converted data - so we still used the DCI.
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