Renishaw AM1 and AM2 adjustment modules

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  • Renishaw AM1 and AM2 adjustment modules

    Anybody out there have any experience with these modules?

    They are about an inch or so thick and mount to the quill and then a PH10M or PH10MQ is mounted to this. They provide "roll" adjustment to help square up the probehead to your machine.

    My question:

    A note in the PH10 guide states that (on the AM1 anyway) "...offers the capability of limited crash protection by incorporating a nominal +/- 3.5 degrees overtravel facility."

    Does this work?

    Does it work on the AM2 also? (the guide is unclear on this)

    Is it worth the $750 price tag?
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    DO you have a pic or a web page, I would like to look at it>
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      The site map describes the top level layout of  If you cannot find the area you are looking for in the site map below, or via our search facility (top right of page), please contact us.
      Lately, it occurs to me
      What a long, strange trip it's been.

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        These modules are for adjusting either the PH10 or PH10MQ so that they are perfectly square to the machine xyz axis travel. They are a necessity in my opinion.
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