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    Hi Guys

    I just want to say thank you for all your help with Pc Dmis Software.
    I currently live in Cicero,Illinois and in three weeks I will be relocating
    to San Antonio,Texas I doing it for my son's health he is only two but
    he can't stay in the cold weather this past winter he was suffering a lot.

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    Well good luck man, hope everything works out. I take it this means you won't be working with PCDMIS in this move? Be good
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      Well I like working with Pc Dmis,but salary is less than San Antonio,Probably I will make more money doing something else with less stress and problems.But I will still check the forum to learn more from you guys in case I find job using
      Pc Dmis.


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        San Anton' is nearly Texas spittin' distance from Big H. There is plenty of CMM work in this state if you want it. Whatever you do, Good Luck. Send me a PM once you get settled in. I will provide any assistance I can via email. If you have never spent a significant amount of time in Texas you will find it is rather a unique frame of mind. Not necessarily better or worse, but definitely one of a kind.
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          Good Luck to you and yours. My boss just took a job in Dallas, says the homes value is about 1/3 for the same house hear, so the cost of living must really be lower.
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            Good Luck Aguayo,
            We've enjoyed having you on the Forum and hope that things do work out for you and that you will keep in touch!!


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              Good luck to you and your family. Hope your boy does better in the warmer climate. I guess you will get a chance to try out some Texas BBQ before me!!!

              James Mannes


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