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  • Deleting .CAD files

    When I create a program in PCD a .CAD file is generated.
    When I delete that program PCD does not delete the .CAD file.
    Is there some setting I can change?
    If not, why not?
    Why would the folks at Wilcox set up a situation where your local hard drive is filled with usless .CAD files.
    I go into Windows explorer every few months and clean this stuff out.
    It's a pain.
    Lately, it occurs to me
    What a long, strange trip it's been.

    2017 R1 (Offline programming)

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    With all programs closed, go to file>operations>delete. That will delete both your .cad and .prg file after you make a choice.

    James Mannes


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      But you are supposed to open one any program to use
      File>operation>delete. I am away from computer right now so I can not imagine at this time.


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        You can do the file | operations | delete with a program open as well.
        I'm assuming in the original question John is referring to using the file | open dialogue box to delete files since by default it only shows *.PRG files. There is a drop down for files to show that includes *.PRG, *.CAD to show the both files for each program, then both can be deleted manually.
        The other option is to use File Explorer from windows.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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          I just got into the habit of deleting the *.prg, *.cad using a shortcut on my desktop that points to the WAI/Pcdvxxx/Programs.
          sigpicIt's corona time!
          737 Xcel Cad++ v2009MR1....SE HABLA ESPAƑOL


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            James, with all program closed.
            File>operation>delete. Is it going to show me the list of files from which I will select one I want to delete because I don't want to delete anything which is important and has to be subsist in PCDMIS folder. I normally don't try this function. I typically use delete switch in keyboard.


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              It opens your program directory and you select what program you want to delete.


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                Thanks you very much.


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