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  • Alignment of curved part

    Looking for input on alignment of plastic part.its shaped like a boomerang.I need to measure length and width of curved edges.New to cmm with some experience of 3-2-1 alignment.Step by step would be great help.Using 4.2mri

    Joseph P

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    have you CAD access? if so look up through the search path for 'iterative alignment'.
    this is what i'd use.
    people have posted 'step by step' instructions on how to do this on this site.
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      This may help a little to get you started.

      If you are doing an open setup I would do an Iterative alignment with the cad.

      First go up to your view setup and make it solid.
      I like to move my cad around like I am looking at it on the CMM. Make sure it is on the same side of metal as you are looking at. The XYZ orientation of the cad and the machine will lock in together when the alignment is done.

      Think of how you would do your alignment on your part without cad without using the cmm table.
      If your have datum holes you would use them in your alignment, for your offset and origin. As far as your level with three or four points on the surface of the part spread out you can do that.

      Go to Auto features and open up your first let us say Auto circle. Go over to your cad and click on that circle. The xyz and ijk of that circle should appear in your Auto circle. Make sure you have your sample hits on with at lease three of them. Make sure your measures now toggle is on, then press create. You will be asked to measure the circle.
      Do your three surface points on your part around that circle then the three or four points within the circle. That one is done.

      Do your next hole the same way if round, if it is a slot use the Auto Slot. Slots sometimes do not work well in alignments.

      Then you are left with your surface points. Open your Auto surface points and pick a spot on the cad and click on it. Just like you did with the holes. Measures now toggle on and push create.
      Move your probe over to the part and try to come as close to the same spot as you picked on the cad and take your point. Do the same for the rest of the points.

      You can level using all of the things you just measured or just the surface points. Offset using the two holes and set your origin one of them. Have your measure all once marked, and press create. It will ask you to move the probe near one of objects in your alignment and it will re-measure it when you press done. It will do the same for the rest of the alignment. Have your speed turned down low.

      You can also measure two additional points instead of your slot or second hole to use for your offset.If you mark measure always you will need to put in move points. It will take off to measure the alignment by it self after you press ok. Have your speed turned down low. I hope I am not forgetting anything. It is easy to do but not always easy to explain.
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        I found a useful guide in a zip file in this thread

        I do every job like this. I find it much easier to do it w measure off like this guide states, then run through it all at once.
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