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  • Help with online version upgrade!

    Hi all,

    new to the forum so here goes...I have recently taken training for the 3.7 version of this software, however the machine I am using has 3.5 installed. the SMA expired 1-30-05 however 3.7 was out 12/04. Can this be installed on my machine? and is there a install sheet or instruction available? or is this just impossible without a current SMA?


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    You cannont upgrade without current sma



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      I don't know what the transition is from 3.5 to 3.7 (I like 3.2063 and started 3.7 <1 year ago) so I won't be able to advise on wheather you are doing the right thing or not.

      Here is where you can get versions

      You can only install what your portlock supports (releases up to the date your SMA ran out). Yes you can install without an SMA any time you want but it must be a release that came out while you were under your SMA.
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        3.5 to 3.7 is worth it to me. It seemed to that 3.5 was the pinnacle of the old Application Associates Pc-DMis, but 3.7 was a whole new direction. I'm still waiting for the jury on 4.1.
        There is a substantial hardware requirement jump when you go to 3.7 from 3.5 I think. I feel that if things are going good with your box running 3.5, you will spend some cash getting 3.7 implemented. I mean like dual processors, and top notch video card ($300 +).



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          I agree with Cumofo. There is a substantial difference between 3.5 and 3.7. But 3.7 MR3 woorkd great for me. I recommend at least upgrading your SMA AT LEAST to that point. But yes, you will have to upgrade your computer too.


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            Some ppl just don't read posts closely enough.

            Yes, you are right, if the release date is earlier than the portlock date, you can download , then install. Install in a different directory, output all your settings through the setting editor for safe keeping, blah,blah,blah.

            YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE CURRENT, just the dates have to work as aforementioned. Sorry, that just for one person in particular.

            Good luck and let us know if you need more info.
            Jim Jewell


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