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  • Alignment Scheme?

    Good Morning,

    I have an alignment question.

    I measure several points on a face of my current part, construct a plane, (Datum E).
    I also measure an interior cylinder, (Datum D).

    I then need to constuct an alignment |D|E|.

    What I have done is the following; i) level to the cylinder "D", then ii) rotate to the plane "E", last origin to a pierce point based on the intersection of line "D" through plane "E".

    Have I done this correctly? Thanks in advance for your responses.


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    What is the orientation of D and E relative to each other (what are their nominal vectors)?
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      Sorry, I should have included that they are perpendicular to each other.



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        Using X,Y as an example (Z workplane). Level Z to the cylinder, translate X, and Y to the cylinder, translate Z to the plane. You have no tertiary so it is not needed for reporting but for programming (machine movement) it would be wise to pick one up.
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