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  • Angle of a cylinder

    I use ver. 3.7mr3 I have several one inch angled drive pins protruding from the back of a plastic injection mold. I am set up on the back of the tool.(PLN1) I take three hits out near the end of the pin (away from the back) and three hits near the back. I create a cylinder. I select the angle output, select CYL1 and PLN1, 2D angle, to feature, I do not get the correct angle. It should be about 12 degrees and I get 4.5 degrees. I have tried different ways of doing this and it just will not come out right. Any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome!

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    Have a look at your workplane, this is probably set to the wrong axis...
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      My workplane is correct. I have found that if I use 3D instead of 2D and enter the nominal angle. I get a reasonable result.


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        Have you toleranced angle to your Z axis. I have scallops milled at an angle and this how I tolerance the angles.
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