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    I know this one has been posted, but I'm lazy! I was off on Friday and Monday. Called in Friday to find out the CMM computer wouldn't boot. Seems it is "missing" the WINNT/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM/Hardware. IT looked at it while I was gone and feels the computer needs to be replaced. If I have to do that, what do you guys recommend? B&S Mistral 7-7-5, using PC-DMIS v3.2063 . One issue that came up was operating system. What operating systems will v3.2063 run with? IT has all the original disks, but wasn't sure which version of NT is on this computer. I'll work with them today on reinstalling the file, but he thinks it is still a bad computer. Luckily, I have a copy of my PCDMIS folder on our server. IT also feels they can recover anything on the harddrive. Start throwing ideas at me guys!

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    First off, I would partition off the new hard drive(s), such that you can install NT on one partition and XP on another? Only reason I say that is so you are set up for anything comes up later (like a newer version of DMIS?).

    These are my specs...

    WIN XP
    PENTIUM 4 2.4 GHz
    2.0 G RAM
    2 80 G HARD DRIVES
    NVIDIA QUADRO FX4000 VIDEO CARD (using dual monitors)

    James Mannes


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      Morning John,

      Hope camping was fun! Wet???

      Anyhow....os is a very important aspect of a new pc. We've had our Global Image for 3 years now and had a pc built for it. Tech support would only recommend W2k for it saying that XP wouldn't open all the pull-down windows etc. So...the entire shop is on XP but me.

      On your version, NT may be your only option, but here's the kicker: Microsoft is stopping it's support of older versions of their operating systems...makes sense....too much to keep up with. So, I'd hate to see you buy a new Ferrari and only be able to drive it in 1st gear, ya know? AND..if something goes wrong, not to be able to get it fixed is an issue as well.

      I forget, do you have an sma or not? (I'm guessing not).

      The "NEW AND IMPROVED" Golden Rule!


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        A BIG MUST to recover from the old HDD is the ERROR Map!! Don't forget that!!

        We use XP Pro, has all the benefits of NT but is more stable (?) than most previous versions.

        Should be easy enough to network with an NT Server too.

        Ver 3.2063 works fine on XP too!!
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