Calibrating Tips in Operator Mode

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  • Calibrating Tips in Operator Mode

    When Calibrating tips in Operator Mode when it finished it throws up the error PCDLRN has encountered an error and will close. Has this Happened to anyone. I am running 4.3 Rel. It works fine in Online Mode. I have reinstalled Probe files and I am still getting the error.

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    ....I had that issue on 4.1 was an issue with Operator Mode Dialog box popping back up after execution...don't know about 4.3...I fixed it by changing my computer settings in the Control Panel to "Best Performance"...problem disappeared..I'm assuming it was a memory-allocation error...but I do not know for sure...HTH


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      I just tried that and it still gives me the error. I think I will try to create the probe files again and see what happens.


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        I believe operator mode uses marked sets, I will try recreating the set for probe calibration.
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