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    Hope this isn't a stupid question but...

    How fast do you folks run your machine? I know certain machines can move faster then others so if you had to group them all together, would it be at 1/2 speed (50%), wide-open (100%) or somewhere in-between?

    Also is machine accuracy influenced by rapid movement or is that influenced by the touch speed/trigger sensitivity only?

    The reason I ask is we have one programmer here that creamed a PH10 running full bore and swears that running at 1/2 speed he never had a problem. My machine I run at full bore but it's a tank the can only achieve a speed of 70mm/sec2 The others run @ 35% & 50%.

    What advantages if any will be achieved if one runs slower vs. one who runs wide-open? (not the obvious of running more parts then the other either)



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    For slower CMMs 100% should be fine, but for faster CMMs you may want to run it 50-80%. It depends too on your comfort level. If you are running a program that always runs flawlessly, then you could go faster. If you are running a program that you're not sure of then slow it down.

    As for accuracy, there is an earlier post regarding that called Basic CMM Methodology.
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      I am assuming you are talking about the machine speed setable in PC-DMIS rather than the machine speed on the jogbox.

      I pretty much always run mine at 20% movespeed and 1% touchspeed. I guess that is what I am comfortable with. Also, if I bump it up to around 30% I get a lot of "air triggers" of the probe. I have found that when reducing the time it takes to run a program is more effective to eliminate uneccesary moves and minimize hits than to run the machine faster.

      Just out of curiosity once I ran an empty probe at 100% on a move across the table. It was way way faster than I would ever consider running.


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        We use DCC alignments with cautious prehits & retracts so I run mine around 50% - 100%
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          B&S Mistral
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            I program using 20%. After a program is proven and released to the monkeys it is changed to 50%.
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              100% in the program. I don't know what speed they are run at normally. When the monkeys see me comming they bump it back to 100% on the jog box.
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                Machine Speed

                I run a 7.10.7 global. The xy& z are set to 500mm/sec (max) I program
                @ 20% and also wait until program is proven out and turn up to 50-60%.
                I feel this is plenty fast. I often have supervisors off the floor come in and the first thing they ask "is that running @ 100%"?

                Iv'e found that you don't really gain much on machine speed, but the biggiest gains I see is shorter measuring/retract distances and fly mode. My machine has a 15 position rack, I might gain a bit if I'm going to my rack several times for probe change.

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                  90% move, 1% touch, all the time, on everything.
                  Originally posted by AndersI
                  I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                    80% move, 1% touch here. tlnzz.
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                      Run a DEA Scirocco 13.15.10 at 100% position velocity (383 mm/second) and a contact speed of 3%. When verifying newly written code, I run the program at 10%.



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                        Just putting a percent isn't telling you much. You will need to know how many mm/sec you are at....

                        500mm/sec at 100 percent here touch speed 1.5 percent


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                          I can't believe you guys run that fast! Why? I guess maybe it is because you check parts routinely. Almost all of my parts I am just checking 4 or so and them probably never again. Speed is not that critical.


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                            50% and 1%
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                              12-20-10 xcel 9-10-9 image both at 100% after prove out of program

                              Also 4 mitotoyos at 100% but they are tanks


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