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  • Nominals

    Good morning all,

    Somthing very frustrating has been going on for quite a while and can't put my finger on exactlly why? (v3.7 mr3).
    Nominal values are continually changing in my report, it might be very slightly (maybe only by tenths) or by much greater values.
    When I complete my programs I usually look at all the numbers very carefully, but the next time the program runs I see the report with some of the nominals that have changed?

    Any input on this would be helpful.

    Thanks, Jay Gus

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    Using cad eh?
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      Same here, just one of those things that happens sometimes.


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        just a thought...
        Are you possibly reporting 4 decimal places? and this is due to the CAD at .###### or more places and rounding is occuring (as it finds nom's each run)?

        this is also very similar to what Matt H found a few weeks ago regarding the vectors changing when using CAD.......I think it is related
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          Turn find nom's off.


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            I see it happen when not using CAD.


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              3.7 MR2
              I've got the same thing going on and have reported it to tech....nothing has been done about it though.

              IMO if I input a value as my nominal...NOTHING should change this value untill I make a change to it.

              I just love having to not only look at the actuals, but having to proof read the nominals too
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                Matt let 'em have it a couple weeks ago over this "bug". I get with3.7mr1 with CAD and without CAD.....
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