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  • Multiple Run Charts

    We are measuring various points on components and we would like to produce run charts of each point on the same printed page.We know we can create run chart for a single point but we need to produced multiple run charts on one page.We have datapage 3.33 are we in need of some upgrade to be able to do this.

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    This is a question for Paul Sarrach, The Forum Demi_Guru.
    I'd like to know this myself.
    Hey Paul, your at bat.


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      First of all, keep in mind that there were several DataPage implementations. There existed DP/Unix, DP/Xenix, DP/DOS, and DP/Windows. I know one of them had a chart called a multi-run chart for this very purpose, I'm just not sure which one. If you don't see it on your menu under charts, it was probably not in the one you have (Windows).

      This is actually a question for Steve Barber, I'll wake him up. . .


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        hmm, I would:
        Output to excel and make a run chart there. But I don't have data page. I use minitab and It works well when I export excel .mdb. Wan more answers?
        leme know.


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          Thanks for your intrest, If you find anything out please let us know.
          Thankyou Tony


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            I'd like to know that too, and while were at it, along with multiple runcharts on one page, can we get rid of the transaction date that runs in vertical columns under the run chart?
            I need to compare, visually, several run charts myself, but the transaction dates are meaningless as I data entered them myself from a manual chart on the shop floor.


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