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  • Using assigned Variables to create features

    Does anyone out there know if it is possible to create features using Assigned Variables. For Example, I have a circle of a known size however it was created from points from four different circles 90.00° apart. The actual circle I'm trying to measure on the print is dimensioned from the inner tanget points of the circles I can measure. The circle on the print is dimensioned for size and location from a projected tangent point off a "radiused surface" positioned around a Center Axis. It is almost Conical in nature. ISN"T THAT INCREDIBLE>>>WHO FRICKIN' PAYS THESE GUYS TO DESIGN AND DRAW STUFF LIKE THIS!!!! ....But I digress. I used a variable to get the average radius size from the four circles and I'm going to use this value to subtract from the Diameter of the Created Circle. I would like to create the circle feature itself so it is visible in the program and in the graphics window. Any Ideas?
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    I think you can with a generic feature, but Matt or Paul would know more about it than me.


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      Can you post a picture of what you need?


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        Do a generic feature then change your measured values to v1,v2 etc.


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          If you set up your 4 circles so that one hit on each one is at the point of tangency, then you can use the actual hits to create offset points which in turn can be used to create a circle.
          For example, if one circle(CIR1) is at the Xplus side and it has 4 hits, then the 3rd hit will be tangent to the inner circle.
          Then create an offset point with 0,0,0 as the offset values. Then in the report window edit the offsets to read
          PNT104 =FEAT/POINT,RECT
          The next point you would change the Y, then the next the X and so forth.
          Then just construct a circle from the points and you're golden.
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