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  • constructed plane measured value

    I have a cylinder at a 65 degree angle in the X/Y plane,
    I do not believe I can rely on the cylinder reporting at the theoretical location along the center-line without prehits
    I can not take pre-hits as the surface it penetrates is curved.
    The cylinder is dimensioned by a theoretical point at the intersection of the center-line of the cylinder and this curved surface.
    If it was dimensioned as a true position I would not have a problem.
    The first piece inspector wants to see the blueprint dimensions on the report (ie. -1.000, 1.000, .500).
    So, I constructed a plane, theoretical values -1,1,.5,-.906308,.422618,0
    I wanted to intersect this theoretical plane with the cylinder to get an actual point I could dimension.
    Problem is, the measured value for this constructed plane keeps changing to 0,0,0,0,0,1 and so, the point constructed from it is useless.
    Is this a V4.3 bug or ? - it seems if I construct a theoretical plane the "measured" should match the theoreticals so I can use it.

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    measure the cylinder using two circles one at top one at bottom in the proper workplane. Take those two circles and construct a 3d line level and origin that line.Then construct a generic plane at your basic locations in the proper vector.Then construct a point at the intersection of the line and the plane.
    report the location of the point.


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