yet another 4.1 bug

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  • yet another 4.1 bug

    when i check off fit to datums on advance tab
    of true positions it seems that sometimes everything comes out
    perfect to 6 places .000000 LOL
    so i do a location and sure enough the hole is actually
    x .00015 y .00023
    any ideas

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    With the small amount of description you gave I would be careful to call that a bug. It might be an issue of best fitting to datums using the old "use datums" function.

    And besides that version isn't released yet for us to legally beat it up just yet. Lets wait till its out officially to call something a bug. Lets face it they work on this software daily/nightly and we all know its weaknesses.
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      not critisizing it yet

      just wondering
      so i know if it is me or the program


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        i know i know

        i cant spell LOL