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  • TP20

    OK I am curious how many of you are familar with the TP20 ni(non inhibited) version. We use a TP2 currently but are looking into the TP20. We use a mag chuck for holding our parts and were told that to use the standard TP20 it might be affected by the magnet. They have a version that does not get affected by the magnet. Looking for some feedback from the expert community. Thanks

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    I just got a TP20 kit and I went with NI just to be safe. It was no extra cost.
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      I use the TP20 and DO have a problem with magnets holding parts. A part that has been magnetized is also an issue. I was not aware that the NI wasn't affected by a magnet, I will have to look into this.
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        Hey DB is there anything you have to do in PCdmis when you set up a probe?

        Have you been able to tell that it measures correctly??



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          No expert here unfortunately but I was told at purchase time that our MH20i is of the non-inhibit type. We've measured a few energized solenoids of the big type and haven't had an issue. It's the only TP20 we have.

          We didn't have to do anything different in the software short of describing the hardware as normal...


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            tp20 and magnetic fields

            I dont know if anyone has info concerning the gauss measurement that will affect the tp20. I know that we will have problems with our tp20's and cavities that arent properly demagnetized before they come in here. Bring them back out into the shop...demag....then they run fine.



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