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  • Practice Software??

    My first post on the new forum!! Yay!!

    I have a customer who has recently acquired another CMM which has PC-DMIS installed. I now have to train their guys to use PC-DMIS. Their other CMM was retrofitted with Virtual DMIS a few years ago and the customer claims that the Virtual DMIS trainer provided them with several copies of the software that they could load onto any PC to practice programming. They weren't able to save anything, so it wasn't an offline seat - more like a demo program.

    Does anyone know if anything like this is availiable for PC-DMIS?? I think it's quite a good idea, a new user would be able to click on menus and icons and get a good feel of the environment - without taking up precious time on the machine.

    I'd appreciate any feedback you have!!

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    I asked B&S this question a year or so ago and although they don’t have a demo version of PC-Dims they were happy to lend me a dongle for a couple of months so I could setup a training program.



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      I have a copy of something like that but it's version 3.2063 so I don't think it will help, everything was in a different spot back then.
      James Temmen

      There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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        Unfortunately, this is not an option. It is a great idea, but alas poor us again !!

        I could come to NZ to help you train them, my rates in NZ are VERY cheap...

        Have a great day !

        Jim Jewell


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          Thanks Jim.. but I have enough trouble trying to convince them that they need to pay ME!! It's that darned "kiwi ingenuity" - they never want to pay for something that they think they can figure out themselves!!

          But I would like to thank you Jim for all the help you gave me years ago on MM4. That was when no-one in this country could program a CMM - and I HAD to figure it all out on my own!!

          By the way... if anyone is planning a holiday to NZ, please feel free to drop us a line - we'll make you feel really welcome!! And just by visiting you'll double the population of CMM programmers!!



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