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    Ok, I had this working last week, now I keep getting a probe deflection error. First I have an SM25-1 tip with a 5x50 tip and run the program. Well the last measurement I need to take needs a 2mm ruby so I change tips to a TM25-20 with a TP20 2x20 tip. Like I said this was working last week but all day today after I change to this tip, the machine start light goes out, the Tesastar probe light starts blinking, and an error dialog comes up saying "TM25-20 ERROR - TR_FG003, Excess Probe Deflection"
    and the buttons are SHUT DOWN and OK. Shut down does just that, and when I press ok, (after pressing machine start to get the probe to stop blinking), it just keeps doing the same thing. What's going on?
    Global Advantage 12-22-10
    TESASTAR M SP25 4.3mr2

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