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  • Serialization Error

    I have a program I have ran several times and ran fine. Today I try to open it
    and I get a "Serialization Error" "Error: ALT". Is there a way to correct this or is the program junk now. I try to open it with 3.5 MR2 and 3.7 MR3 and I get the
    same error message. I was running it in 3.5 MR2. Thanks for the help.
    Global Status 12-22-10
    Global Performance 9-15-8
    CAD++ 2015.1_SP7

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    If you opened it with the wrong version it will do that. I always add into the name of the program, "V3-7" , etc. BUT, you should ALWAYS have a backed up copy of a program. I make it a habit to make a copy always and whenever there is a change in a program always save it to the copy too.


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      This error is sometimes caused by a corrupt ProbeFile. Delete the probe file and rebuild from scratch. Your program may be already hosed though.


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          We had the same problem with an archived programme. Tried to open it with every release from 3.206 to v4.0.........same result. It appears that the prog is there, file size etc.. LOOKS OK. Put it in file 13 and start again!!! It's a bitter pill to swallow, especially when it costs you 5 days of programming!!!
          But that's the joy of PCDmis for ya!!!!!
          I am a Mushroom................Kept in the dark and fed on sh*t!!!!!


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            We get this error from time to time and it can totally screw you, you can lose EVERYTHING. The best way to handle this is by way of process:
            ALWAYS chose Save As instead of save. ALWAYS. Personally, I always save TWICE. By way of example, lets say that my program is named program.prg. Whenever I save, which is OFTEN, I save as program_save.prg, and then re-save as program.prg. That way, if I get a serialization error, I only lose whatever I've done since the last time I saved. You should save at least twice per hour.

            Also, I've had it happen that whenever I do particular things, such as cutting and pasting a chunk of code from one place to another, I've had where it pukes with a serialization error whenever I save. The easiest fix for this is to follow this procedure:
            1. Save BEFORE you make the change.
            2. Close the program
            3. In Windows Explorer, change the name of the CAD file associated with your program. (program_x.cad, for example).
            4. Reopen the program in PCDMIS. It won't find the cad file and you'll see nothing except your features and scans and whatnot floating in air.
            5. Make the changes to the code.
            6. Save
            7. Close the program
            8. In explorer, change the cad file back to the original name.
            9. Reopen program in PCDMIS.
            10. You're now good to go.


            • Matthew D. Hoedeman
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              easier way, simply open the folder where the program is, and from time to time, COPY & PASTE the program. Windoze will increment the copy, and you will have a 'running tally' of programs.

            • louisd
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              Or, hear me out... let the 16 year old posts rest in peace, unless you have a relevant NEED to resurrect?

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