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  • TP Locators for a bolt

    Any one know where I can get nuts to go over a bolt, that are round and the diameter is concentric to the thread. I have seen them before but can't find the website. If I had to I could get the toolroom to make some but would rather just buy them since I always here how busy they are, and usually takes a week to get something. Right now I am using a hex nut but want to decrease the run time of the program, plus I'm not sure how the concentricity is for this store bought nut.
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    Just an idea, there was a recent thread about true position locating plugs. There were names and links to companies that make them there. You might contact some of those companies, if they make plugs, they may make the female locators as well. If they do not, they may be able to tell you who does. HTH
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