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  • Excel Help: Not PC-DMIS related

    Hi All,

    I am running into a little trouble on an Excel spreadsheet I am working on and I have scanned most of the Excel sites out there and haven't gotten any results. I know many of you use Excel with VB much in the same fashion as I do so I though maybe one of my fellow CMM programmers had an idea to solve my problem.

    I have a database that I collect general information in and some of that information is forwarded to a report form which I do an automatic save as on to a specified directory. What I would like to do is insert a hyperlink automatically in the database to this form in the ID number position. I have figured out how to automatically do a hyperlink on the same page, but I can't seem to get the code to find the last row on the database and place the hyperlink there. Any ideas would be awesome!

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    I assume that the database is an excel page?

    This would put you at the bottom of the column

    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
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